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We are specialised on the manufacturing of measurement technology for the steel industry since more than 30 years.

Our measurement systems are improving the product quality during the steel making process.
Our roll checker systems (strand condition monitoring systems) have been installed in continuous caster machines of many steel making companies to monitor the caster plant parameters.
Our new and modular measurement system (Gaptor®-IC) combines flexibility together with high precision. It is a scalable system for almost any application. Apart from strand condition monitoring systems we offer portable instruments for different applications in steelworks as well. The portable instruments are the right tools to enable the operator to maintain the casting process within the required quality boundaries.

In addition we can cope with any kind of customised measurement task and we are offering reliable on-site services. 


You have a measurement problem? – We have the solution!


Our products at a glance

Our company is specialized in measurement applications for the steel industry.
We support our world-wide customers to improve the product quality in their production processes. Our products are used to measure continuous casting plants and are consequently an important component for quality and operational safety.


The latest generation of multifunction roll checkers. Reliable measurement of the continuous casting system for proactive quality management in the steel mill.

Gaptor® -IC

Multifunction roll checker mounted in the dummy bar. Continious quality monitoring in the casting plant.


Highly precise and fully automatic transition measurement from the mold to the first strand segment. Active quality management in the continuous casting plant.


Hand-held gap gauge for quality assurance in the segment workshop. Essential for perfect product quality.


Hand-held taper gauge for optimal setting of the mold of a slab caster. Easy to use. Precise in the results.


High precision measurement of molds from block and billet plants. Manual or automatic; individualized to the respective mold shape.

Special solutions

Customer-specific special solutions for individual measurement tasks. Adapted to the specific conditions.


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